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AquaSpy Soil Moisture Monitoring

Go underground with AquaSpy

No modeling. no guessing. We let the plants speak for itself. Track crop behavior of both water and nutrients through a 48" profile. Real time data every 4" for water, nutrients and temperature.

Picture of a SoilScan Nitrate Testing system

10-40% yield increase

Our data shows the most direct impact to superior yields is assuring that water and nutrients exist in the active root zone when the plant attempts to uptake these vital elements.

In this illustration, the AquaSpy shows that the roots are much deeper than the last irrigation event. This is preventing the plant from getting 100% of the nutrients available in the soil.

Picture of AquaSpy root and moisture profile, showing irrigation to 50cm and a root depth of 90cm.

Real time data

Know exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it.

  1. Data collected every 15 minutes, sent every hour
  2. Rooting depth events
  3. Irrigation events and the corresponding penetration depth
  4. Soil moisture projected onto an industry leading irrigation template
Picture of an hourglass illustrating that SoilScan offers 5 minute nitrate testing

Integrated view of your moisture

See your historical AquaSpy data along with the weather conditions so you can understand the the moisture profile and a complete view of the events leading to that profile.

Use the combined weather forecast and current moisture data to determine when to make the next irrigation pass.

Screenshot of SoilScan nitrate testing results in FarmQA Controller