FarmQA, Farm with control.

Scouting and agronomy management solutions Digital tools built for your crop consulting business

Our crop scouting and agronomy solutions combine FarmQA Scouting, weather with crop consulting software and hardware: moisture monitoring, soil sampling and soil compaction testing.
FarmQA Scouting app running on Android and iPhone

Flexible crop scouting

FarmQA Scouting, our crop scouting app for iOS and Android, provides the best and easiest way to get information about the condition of the fields and crops you manage.

Flexible scouting questions and precise location features allow you to quickly spot and react to issues on the ground.

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Future proof platform

FarmQA uses Microsoft Azure to ensure that we scale with your operation. Our comprehensive software APIs ensure that you can integrate other software with ease.

Screenshot of FarmQA Controller showing weather for a field and a weather station


FarmQA Weather helps monitor weather conditions and forecasts at field level. You will always know how much precipitation fell on your fields.

FarmQA Weather provides field-specific conditions and historical data using data from WeatherOps. We also incorporate weather from weather stations from Davis and Pessl.

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Data privacy

Unlike other agronomy management solutions, your data and your customer's data is kept private. We don't share data with anyone and we don't aggregate data. Being built on Microsoft Azure makes FarmQA one of the most secure solutions available to the agriculture industry.

Screenshot of FarmQA Controller showing the map


Your data comes together in FarmQA Controller. View your weather, moisture data, scouting reports, soil fertility and compaction all in one place.

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