FarmQA Pricing

Pay for the users you need for your business and pay only for what they can do in FarmQA.

Full users

Administrators and Agronomists

$600 / user / year




View-only access



Ideal for applicators, truck, and other drivers requiring navigation assistance.


Scout, Grower, and Standard Users

Ideal for limited-access roles including scouts, growers, and seasonal workers.

Listed prices are effective on January 1, 2023. All pricing is per user per year and listed for US and Canada; contact us for pricing in your region. Monthly payment and volume discounts are available; contact us for details.

Add-on Features Pricing


Create, view and take action on the crop and field data you collect.

$1,000 / year

Zone creation/prescriptions

Create zones and machine-readable prescriptions.

$1,000 / year

White Label Branding

Deliver a truly unique brand experience to your customers with a custom hostname, colors, and logos. Mobile branding $5,000, Web branding $5,000, or $7,500 for both.

$5,000 / year


Create, schedule, assign, and track tasks related to your operation.

$150 / user / year

Planet Imagery

Daily satellite imagery from Planet on the fields you choose. Get the latest daily3 images from Planet for a low price.

$1.25 / ac / year

Virtual Weather Stations

Get historical and current weather data for any point on earth from Aeris Weather. Your first station is $50/year, 5 for $200 / year, 10 for $300 / year, and more than 20 for $20 / station / year.

$50 / station / year

All features are priced per year and listed for US and Canada; contact us for pricing in your region.

Features included

We only want to charge you for what you use. Use this table to decide what user roles you need and what capabilities they should have access to. Need more help? Contact our sales department at or +1 701.941.2046.

Full Scout and Grower Driver Viewer


Create unlimited scouting templates and reports Yes
Deliver customized PDF reports with your logo Yes
Easily capture crop conditions and other data Yes Yes
Track crop-specific scouting information Yes Yes
Create unlimited scouting reports and observations Yes Yes
Scout offline when cell coverage is limited Yes Yes
Capture photo and map annotations of problems Yes Yes
Access scouting reports and agronomist notes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Write crop and pest treatment recommendations and spray records Yes
Create favorite tank mixes and chemical recipes for later use Yes
Link products to EPA labels Yes
Track mode of action groups for each field Yes
Modify crop and pest treatment recommendations Yes Yes Yes
Mark spray treatments as complete after application Yes Yes Yes
Maintain prescription management zones from imagery, soil sampling, or other shapefiles. Yes Yes Yes
Track a complete spray record for applications Yes Yes Yes
View treatment recommendations Yes Yes Yes Yes

Soil Sampling

Manage soil sampling with ease using Tasks Yes
Geo tag results using FarmQA Mobile Yes
Advanced analytics on lab results Yes
Integration with Agvise Yes

Analytics and Visualization

Create grower dashboards from FarmQA Analytics 1 Yes
View field analytics and metrics1 Yes Yes
View data published to analytics dashboards1 Yes Yes
View map layers in FarmQA Mobile online and offline Yes Yes Yes Yes
View daily satellite imagery from Planet2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload and modify map layers Yes Yes

General functions

Use easy-to-use drawing tools to define unlimited fields Yes
Import unlimited field shape files Yes
Define unlimited crop varieties Yes
Manage multiple farms Yes
Track unlimited acreage Yes
View fields, varieties, and crops Yes Yes Yes Yes
View field-specific weather data, including forecasts Yes Yes Yes Yes
View field entrances and routing information Yes Yes Yes
  1. Requires FarmQA Analytics
  2. Requires Planet Imagery
  3. Daily imagery is based on cloud cover and other conditions. So it is really "nearly" daily.

FAQ (frequently asked questions) About FarmQA Pricing

Can I purchase a scouting license without an agronomist?
After you purchase your base FarmQA account for $600 / year, you can add any amount of different users that you'd like. This includes being able to purchase scouting licenses without needing to purchase an agronomist license.
Do I need to be a licensed crop advisor or agronomist to purchase FarmQA?
No, you don't need to be officially licensed to use FarmQA.
How many users can I have on my account?
There is no limit to the number of users you can have in your FarmQA account.
Does it cost more money to have multiple scouts?
Yes, each crop scout license costs $150/user/yr.
Can my farm purchase FarmQA without an agronomist?
Yes, you do not need to work with an agronomist to purchase FarmQA.
Can I pay monthly or is it a yearly one-time payment?
Yearly payments are preferred but contact us if other options work better for you.
How long is the trial?
We offer a 14-day or 2-week trial for our suite of digital agronomy tools and apps
Why should I buy an Add-on?
FarmQA’s add-on features can help take your productivity to the next level. Use Analytics to track and automatically display data that you bring in via scouting reports and soil test result integration. Planet Imagery gives you near-daily satellite imagery that can help you keep track of your crop health and development. We automatically process this data to produce NDVI and NDRE data for your fields so you can accurately assess crop health throughout the growing season. Virtual weather stations use FarmQA’s weather service, Aeris weather, to track certain weather metrics like precipitation and temperature at a location you specify.
Are there trials for the add on features?
Yes, we can grant trials to just the add-on feature upon request, just send an email to to get started today!
What are the benefits of White Label Branding?
White Label Branding lets you use your own company’s colors and logo in the FarmQA app along with other forms of branding you might have to make FarmQA look like your own customized app. This lets you provide a more seamless user experience for your customers.
What data inputs does FarmQA use to Create zones and machine-readable prescriptions?
Currently there are three options for creating zones within FarmQA. They are high resolution Satellite imagery from Planet, Yield maps, and GPS Soil data. You can also bring your existing zones and just write prescriptions within FarmQA.
Do you charge by the acre?
No, FarmQA charges by user login and not by acre (except for Planet imagery). You can have as many acres in your account as you want and we'll still charge you the same flat annual rate.
How do I add a new user?
Your enterprise administrator can add other users from the Organization tab.
I need a license for myself, another agronomist, 3 scouts, a grower, and 300 Planet acres. What will that cost me?
Yourself (Enterprise Admin. [$600/user/yr]), another agronomist [$600/user/yr], 3 scouts [$150/user/yr], and 300 Planet acres [$1.25/ac/yr] > $600 + $600 + 3*$150 + 300*$1.25 = $2025

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