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FarmQA Controller

Your farm, controlled

FarmQA Controller is a precision agriculture intelligence platform that collects and displays information from a variety of data sources using an innovative map-based dashboard. You can see all aspects of your operation in a single view including your fields, crop scouting reports, weather stations, and more.

With FarmQA Controller you can analyze, adjust, and manage your operation more effectively.

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$500 / user / season


Make spraying decisions with confidence using the most accurate platform available.

Weather cannot be controlled, but it can be tracked closely to make timely management decisions.  Use FarmQA's highly accurate weather platform as an agronomy tool for monitoring conditions such as growing degree days, evapotranspiration, dew point, precipitation, wind speed, and other  management triggers like pest or disease.

FarmQA's weather forecasts let you handle problems before they occur. Forecast catastrophic frost, or use with FarmQA AquaSpy probes to reduce irrigation with forecasted evapotranspiration data.

Field specific weather conditions, forecast and information from a weather station

Integration with mobile crop scouting

Controller provides great access to all of your scouting reports. Quickly see issues across your fields and react to those issues with greater efficiencies.

Use FarmQA Controller to define your scouting templates for each of your crops and varieties.

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Intuitive map-based dashboard

From Controller's innovative map-based dashboard, see all aspects of your operation in a single view. The map displays your fields, weather stations, crop scouting reports, SoilScan reports, and AquaSpy sites.

Map based dashboard

Latest technology

FarmQA uses Microsoft Azure to ensure that we scale with your operation. Being built on Microsoft Azure makes FarmQA one of the most secure solutions available to the agriculture industry. Our comprehensive software API's ensure that you can integrate other software with ease.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Monitor your crops and fields

Using FarmQA Controller with additional IoT (Internet of Things) devices, allows you to monitor every aspect of a field with at a glance information from the current and forecasted weather, SoilScan nitrate testing reports, FarmQA Scouting reports, CTS-1000 compaction reports, and AquaSpy sites.

Field specific information and logs

Advanced satellite visualizations with Planet

See daily updates to your fields in FarmQA with a subscription to Planet. Planet images the Earth every day, making change visible, accessible, and actionable.

Call +1 701.941.2046 or email and we'll get you started with Planet and FarmQA today.

Integration with Planet satellite imagery

More to come

We're actively moving forward with new features and capabilities all of the time. We're always looking for feedback on our next big investment area. Let us know where your interests are and we'll take feedback and productize it.

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